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"Thank you very much for today's class. I learnt a whole lot more about my DSLR in 2 hours than I learned in the last 5 years that I owned it on my own. The class was very professionally organized, the content was very relevant to beginners with simple and straight forward explanation with exercises. Thanks again!"

- Rohit

Rohit was a former student and emailed me the day after class on his own accord, completely unsolicited. Thank you very much, Rohit.

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“I love it, but how do I use my DSLR camera?”

You’ve bought yourself a fancy DSLR and you’ve no doubt asked yourself some or all of the following: “How do I use this thing?”, “What are the A, P, S and M on the dial and why would I use one over the other?”, and worse yet “Why don’t my pictures look any better than that of my previous camera?”

Certainly you read a few pages in the manual (sigh!!!) and you’ve already taken some pictures so the question of “How do I use my DSLR camera?” have been at least partially answered. But why aren’t your pictures exhibiting that “pop” or “attention getting” look that you thought you’d get with such a fancy camera?

I’m here to help. Through my customized 3-hour hands-on learning process you will learn how to use your DSLR camera. I will teach you what aperture (A), shutter speed (S), ISO, and more are and how to use them. (By the way, aperture, shutter speed and ISO make up what is referred to as the exposure triangle and is the photographic foundation of success.) You will learn why and when you’ll want to us (M) or (P) on that dial. You will walk away understanding what it takes to make your pictures “pop” and grab your viewers attention.

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Studio / Classroom Training vs. Real World Learning

A harsh reality for many of us is that good photography takes practice. Very few us can take a 3 or 4 hour class in a studio and immediately afterwards take pictures just like the instructor. Worse yet, classes that last more than a few hours and expand on more than just aperture (A), shutter speed (S), manual (M) and program (P) are trying to teach you too much in too little time. You will walk out more confused as when you walked in.

Unlike other programs that teach in a studio or a classroom, my classes are hands-on and you will be taking photos both indoors and outside. Though studio classes have plenty to offer (and I do recommend them when you are ready for them), keep in mind that in studio only learning is a very controlled environment. An environment that likely is not at all similar to what you will be experiencing in the real world, even indoors! Lighting may be very controlled (using studio umbrellas with flashes and backdrops that you likely don’t and will never own) and subject matter predetermined and limited. Taking photos both indoors and outdoors we will learn how to address varying lighting conditions (partly cloudy day where there is full sun one minute, cloud cover the next), photographing a shaded subject while you are standing in full sunlight, impromptu subject matter (song birds, squirrels, cats, peacocks, flowers, or whatever may cross our path). You will be learning through hands-on practice with less than 1/2 of the class spent on theoretical lecture and go home with practical, usable knowledge and a collection of pictures to study and reflect upon.

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Learning Guarantee

All students can retake scheduled group sessions for free, unlimited, for 1-year after first instruction. Only limitation is that class sizes never exceed 10 and classes are first come, first serve.

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